Injection Molding


front-moldingSpecialization in molding large complex plastic parts that are both structural and aesthetic.

We are veterans at solid injection molding, and process an array of performance materials from commodity grades to custom blends  and engineered thermoplastic resins. Whether your product requires a single cavity, open and shut mold, or a complex, multi-cavity, multiple-gate, sequenced valve gating, multiple-action tool,  we have the expertise and equipment available.

We are a full service manufacturer that strives to bring you a completely finished product. Coupling our equipment with our engineering, molding, assembly, painting and plastic materials experience, we integrate secondary operations to provide a complete solution. We have the ability to provide an assembled system, placed at your location at the right time, synchronized with your manufacturing operations.

In-house facilities at Kendallville, IN

  • multiple-injection-molding-machines85 Ton x2
  • 110 Ton x4
  • 200 Ton x2
  • 230 Ton
  • 400 Ton x6
  • 500 Ton x3
  • 700 Ton x2
  • 1000 Ton
  • 1200 Ton
  • 1850 Ton
  • 2000 Ton
  • 3000 Ton
  • 3500 Ton x3 (up to 1100 oz shot)