Paint Line Capabilities

An Industry Leading Finishing System

  • paint-lineA 316,000 sq. ft. facility featuring 2 separate paint lines with dedicated space for painting, assembly, warehousing, maintenance/fabrication, tooling, and quality control
  • Large work window, 72”W x 96”L x 40”H, that accommodates diverse sizes and geometries.
  • Inverted power & free conveyor system for top coat painting designed and engineered by ABB.
  • Overhead conveyor system for interior and prime painting
  • Environmentally controlled booth atmosphere
  • Fully automated stainless steel piggable paint circulation systems.
  • Stainless steel 6-stage power wash system.
  • Six-Axes Fanuc robots equipped with Integral Pump Control (IPC) employing Sames Electrostatic Multi-Spray Bell/Gun applicators.
  • One and two-component, solvent borne wet coat application with cure capability at high or low-bake temperatures.
  • St. Claire paint fluid temperature control units.
  • Automotive approved lighting centers.
  • Certified laboratory and defect analysis equipment.